Vigo launch at Rocking the Daisies

 Vigo Sparkling Soft-drink launch at Rocking the Daisies

To help launch the brand into the market, we targeted RTD as the perfect event.
We looked at what the average festival goer needs and where a brand can leave a lasting impression.

Our mission make RTD epic with the help of Vigo.

First off, branded golf carts to help guys get from the parking lot to the entrance.
A cold Vigo sample also helped after the long drive up.
Not a laundry in site. So why not donate your shirt to charity and we’ll give you a fresh glow in the dark shirt.
Peckish? Have some free pop corn. Yes it’ll make you thirsty, so guess you’ll need to order another Vigo.
Have sleeping bag hair? We have SCAR hair stylists on site to fix your do.
No 3G, phone dead or lost. Need something to remember the festival? Have a polaroid pic and check out our facebook page for other pics of you.
Hot and tired?  Come relax in our lounge area and play some giant Jenga in the shade.
Most importantly try VIGO as a cocktail, or as a mixer.

Event concept: Ugly Duckling Creative – Guy Thompson & Kiran Reddy
Event photography: Ugly Duckling Creative
Event management and activation roll out by Night Vision Marketing.


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