Brandhouse Exec Imbizo

Brandhouse Exec Imbizo

Brandhouse’s annual national executive conference. Takes place in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London.

The brief was to showcase the different brands along with an educational element.

We created an educational tactile whisky walk through.
Six whisky barrels were used as stations backed by large 1,5m canvas.
Each station represented one of the six steps in the whisky making process.
1. Barley / Grain
2. Water
3. Peat
4. Distillation
5. Maturation/ Wood
6. Blending / Bottling
Each station had photo frames, something to touch, something to smell, lots to see.

Event concept: Ugly Duckling Creative
Event photography: Ugly Duckling Creative
Event management and activation roll out by Night Vision Marketing.

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